So the plan is to have a nice shiny new Electronica album done within the next few months, Here are a few of my ideas:

I will post info on the individual tracks asap. Which will include the techniques i used, samples used and my ideas on how to develop them.

All the best,

Voodoo Funk Focus.

I’m an aspiring producer with strong ambitions to take my electronica to new personal heights. This blog will detail my progress. Here I will unveil all my work good and bad, offer explanations and background on my tracks for those who are interested, give links to all the resources I find along the way in the hope someone else can make use or sense of it, also I will be uploading all my samples and loops that iv’e recorded personally in order for other to play around with, and with a bit of luck I really hope you will enjoy my work. Thank you, Voodoo Funk Focus.


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